RF modules (Serial data to RF 433Mhz/868Mhz/915Mhz)

Product ID: RF module YS-1020K

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data transceiver works on433/868/915MHz, ISM band, free licence. They are widely used in industry Applications, such as AMR, data collection, wireless smart terminal for low rate UART data transmission in short range.
Applications areas:
* Automatic meter reading (AMR) and home automation;
* Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA);
* Remote control,industry data collection;
* Monitoring of remote systems
* Production reporting of active systems
* Wireless remote control alarm, Wireless sensor;
* Sports training & competition;
* Wireless POS, PAD, wireless smart terminal;
* Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
* Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;
  • Frequency
    • 433MHz/868Mhz/915MHz optional
  • RF output
    • 1w/30dBm
  • Range
    • 4km
  • baud rate
  • Operation Temperature
    • -35 to 75 C.
  • Modulating method
    • GFSK
  • 1year

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