Cashmere Fibre, Degreased Cashmere, White Cashmere, Merino Wool, Angola Hair, Camel Hair

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Beijing Richman is manufacturer of dehaired cashmere, include white cashmere, light grey, brown colour; dehaired sheep cashmere, camel hair, yak wool, etc, fibre micron from 15micron to 35micron on the basis of different kinds of animal hair. And cashmere combing/carding waste, sheep cashmere combing/carding waste, etc.
Detail specification as follows:
Fibre length Fibre micron
26-28mm 15.0-15.5
28-30mm 15.0-15.5
30-32mm 15.0-15.5
32-34mm 15.0-15.5
32-34mm 16.0-16.5
34-36mm 16.0-16.5
if you are interested in them and for more information about them please feel free contact me, we are at your service anytime.
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