Flat (Beam, Flex, frameless) Wiper Blade (RICO-610)

Product ID: RICO-610

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This type could fit for Left or Right side driving cars


1.U-HOOK wiper blade arms:8.7*7mm
2.U-HOOK wiper blade arms:9*11mm

*****-fulcrum & cambered designation, shady flexible strip made from high-carbon steel, makes the brusher never drums from windshield. It will ensure you a safety driving.
***** by coat with flow oriented designation: in line with aerodynamics & wind-pressure design, thus every point between flat blade & the windshield get the same down-pressure. You can have a very clear visual field during driving as there is no water remnants.
3Advanced rubber technology: high quality of brushers made from fully new material of rubber can extend life cycle of brushers.
4Coated with special film: anti-ultraviolet radiation, endure high & low temperature & anti-noise.
5Connector with pre-install design: pre-install for the blade with multi-functional connector, you can use if safely for quite a long time as there is a lock to avoid fall-off.

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