HSS working drill bits

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Various of woodworking tools:HSS twist drill bits,auger bits,spade(flat)bits,router bits,milling drill,plug cutter,countersink and different tool set.Welcome your inqiry if you are interested in any products.We will quote the competitive price to you after receive your detail requirement.
  • Material:
    • High speed steel----F4341#,4341#,9341#,M2,M35,M42
  • Standard:
    • DIN338,DIN340,DIN1897,DIN1869,ANSIB94.11M
  • Finished:
    • Black,Blue&white,White,Titanium,Cobalt,Rainbow
  • Production process:
    • Roll forged,Roll forged&Polished,Roll forged&Edge ground,Fully Ground
  • Packing
    • plastic,wooden,metal
  • Tye of Flute
    • Type N,H,W&VA
  • Quantity of flute
    • double flute,three flute&four flute
  • Point Angle:
    • 118,135,135with split point

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