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Product ID: ZR50-02

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A. Model No.:ZR50-02
B. Distance: 8M
C. Bulk Power: 50W
D. Machine Power: 50W
E. Bulk Life-span: 4000hrs
F. Bulk Style: Halogen Bulk
G. Luminous Flus: 1250L
H. Image temperature: 3000K
Ii. Weight: 1.5Kg
J. Dimension: 300x120x170mm
K. Description:
ZR50-02 is our upgrade edition based on ZR50-01, it has all function of the ZR50-01, at the same time, improved design for the image projector which could turn the image during operation. The dynamic function would give more powered in sight.
Do a special design on the optics lens which could ensure the high-powered rays run through the lens and give a excellence definition on image. The life-span bulb (50W) could work at 12V in voltage.
Three materials of gobos for choice: Optics, glass and metal.
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