Magnesium ceiling board

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We would like to introduce to you our competitive product -- Magnesium Board panel for the interior and exterior and ceiling board panel. So far, our Magnesium Board panel has been known for its outstanding features and its high quality by the worldwide markets.
Please kindly find the following description of Magnesium Board panel!
  • 600mm*600mm*6mm
  • 600mm*300mm*6mm
  • Environment-friendly
    • It is an environment-friendly and energy-saving material, with no easily-dispersed substance or asbestine. It is non-toxic, pest-free and dust-free,thus ensuring the health of the constructing workers and residents.
  • Non-flammable
    • It is composed of non-flammable materials. It is non-flammable even when the temperature reaches 350 centigrade. Moreover, it does not release toxic gases in case of fire,thus ensuring people*s safety.
  • Superior Durability
    • ERUN master board is perfectly applicable wherever general complex panel is used. Repeated construction activities do not damage ERUN master board,thus offering the most convenient construction environment. Specially-made screws can withstand 20kgs. It will not be broken even when holding up a man of 60kgs.
  • Excellent Water-proof
    • Because of its excellent water-proof capacity, it is easier to take care of the goods and reduces the loss rate. It will not swell or changes its shape, nor will it decrease in strength when dipped into water
  • Noise-reducing Effect
    • There are curved patterns on the board, which can effectively reduce the noise.

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