Roof bridge

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Waterproof material for house top
.2.5 metre long
  • Traditional Beauty
    • It displays the beauty and elegance of the olden-time tiles. It is also novel, environment-friendly and energy-saving.
  • Excellent Durability
    • Colors do not fade over time. So Chun-Bo roof tiles do not require periodic painting, thus maintaining their "new" look
  • Perfect Waterproof
    • It is seamless so it has a perfect waterproofing capacity
  • Easy to Work with
    • It is so light that it can be used in old home reconstruction without removing the existing roof materials. Construction period is shortened considerably compared with the ceramic tile. And the construction cost is reduced accordingly
  • First-grade steel plate
    • We import 1st-class steel plate from S.Korea. Its quality is far more better than that of Chinese steel plate.

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