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Product ID: RP75-125

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Position Indication:
The Actuatorvalve position is shown via a color-coded insert and NAMUR slot. The indicator is suitable for either direction of actuator rotation, and drive shaft size.
Actuator Drive:
The NAMUR drive slot on the position indicator permits direct drive engagement of switch boxes and positioners.
Direct Mounting of Sensors:
The indicator can be supplied with metal inserts to allow for easy installation of many types of sensors.
Operating Media:
Dry or lubricated air or inert n-corrosive gases on condition that they are compatible with wetted internal actuator parts and lubricant. The operating media dew point must equal either -20C(-40F) or 10C below the ambient temperature. The maximum particle size must not exceed 30 microns.
Supply Pressure:
For Double Acting and Spring Return actuators the maximum supply pressure is 8 bar(116 psi). The minimum supply pressure is 2.5bar(40psi).
Operating Temperature:
Normal temperature (NT) actuator with NBR"O-rings" from -20C(+4 F) to +80C(+176 F).
Low temperature (LT) actuator with Silicon "O-rings" from -50 C (+58 F) to +80C (+176 F).
High temperature(HT) actuator with FPM "O-rings" from -15C(+5F) to +150C(+300 F).
CAUTION: For high and low temperature service special grease is required. High and low temperature will vary the output torque of the actuator. Please contact a ROPO sales representative for each application.
Stroke: See technical data
Standard construction: 90 degree rotation with stroke adjustment at 0 degree; And 90 degree +/ - 4 degree; .
Operating Time: See Technical Data Sheet.
The ROPO Rack and Pinion Actuator comes factory lubricated for the life under normal operating conditions. The standard lubricant is suitable for use from -50C (58 degree ) +80C (+176 degree ). For high and low temperature service where special grease is required please contact a ROPO sales representative.
Durable twin piston rack and pinion actuator design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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