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HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC SEALS: Hydraulic Seal, Pneumatic Seals, Piston Seals, Rod Seals, Wiper Seals, Guide Rings, Guide Tapes, Compact Piston Seal Set, PU U-Seals, Oil-Seals, Chevron Packing Sets, Piston Glyd Ring, Rod Step Seals, O-Ring, Polyurethane Seals, PU Chevron Packing Sets, Cords, Valve Seals, V-Seals, Quard Rings, Guide Rings, Tudo Seals, Twin Sets, Cup Seals, PTFE Backup Rings, Viton Seals, Silicone Seals, Nitrile Seals, Neoprene Seals, EPDM Seals, Canvas Reinforced Seals, Valve Seals, Butterfly Valve Seals, Diaphragm, Cords, Strips, etc.
POLYURETHANE PRODUCTS: Cast Polyurethane Products, PU Rollers, PU Wheels, PU Spacers, PU Pads, PU Strips, PU Tubes, PU Rods, PU Seals, PU Gaskets, PU Scraper Blades, PU Impellers, PU Nozzles, PU Bearing Seals, PU Press Tool Blocks, PU Grommets, PU Shock Absorber Bushes, PU Couplings, PU Bars, PU Yarn Feed Rollers, PU Yarn Twist Rollers, PU Drive Rollers, PU Loom Pickers, PU Loom Buffers, PU Pads, PU Buffers, PU Metal Bonded Parts & Custom Made Products
MOULDED & EXTRUDED RUBBER PRODUCTS: Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts, Rubber to PTFE Bonding, Anti Vibration Pads, Rubber Coupling, Rubber Bellows, Buffers, Balls, Roller, Wheels, Bushes, Nozzles, Tri Clamp Gaskets, Autoclave Gaskets, VOD Seals, Base Seals, Wiper Tubes, Plungers, Printing Pads, Impellers, Food Grade Products, High Temperature Gaskets, Vacuum Section Pads, Extruded Rubber Products: Cords, Tubes, Strips, Sections, etc.
CONVEYOR SPARES: Rubber Rings, Idler Rings, Spiral Rubber Ring, Roller Rubber Sleeves, Labyrinth Seals, Dust Seals, Rollers, Cleats, Wheels, etc.