EVA Film / Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Film

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EVA Film / Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Film is applied to fabric the laminating glass by means of heating and vacuuming.

Utilize E.V.A film makes possible adhesion at low temperatures, facilitating system operation, it can produce the products which is same by using autoclave's, the products can achieve to worldwide standers.

It can produce the laminated glass, which could be used for building, fitment, industrial uses etc... And also can produce various functional glass.

Glass can be laminated with a patterned cloth, paper, printed polyester, so the glass with a wide variety of decorative uses can be manufactured.
  • Tensile strength (Mpa)
    • ≥ 9
  • Visible light transmission rate (%)
    • ≥ 87
  • Elongation (%)
    • ≥ 650
  • Haze(%)
    • 0.6
  • Adhesive strength (kg/cm)
    • ≥ 1.7
  • Radiation resistance
    • Qualified

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