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MP3 and iPod Sound Hat arthur_chow#
The MP3 and iPod Sound Hat allows you to connect your iPod, mp3 player, phone or other portable media device directly into the integrated speakers inside the hat! Listen to your favourite music whilst keeping snug and cosy on a cold day.
This fantastic beanie hat is a great alternative to wearing pesky earphones when you are out jogging.The MP3 and iPod Sound Hat is perfect for skateboarding, biking and bouncing around to your favourite Phil Collins tracks thanks to it's built-in speakers.
You will have no fear of earphone falling out as you leap around like a giant leapy thing and enjoy warmth, comfort and tunes all at the same time.Revelation!
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  • MP3 and iPod Sound Hat
    • Specs.:
  • Material : 100% acrylic
  • Size: 21x21cm
  • Loudspeacker output : 1W
    • music hat
    • speaker hat

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