Multi color printed flexible laminated stand up pouch and zip lock pouch

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Multi colour Printed flexible laminated Stand up pouch and Zip lock pouch in various material combinations and sizes.
Maximum no. of Colours : 10
Type of Printing : Gravure, Flexographic
Material Combinations : Polyester + Polyethylene, BOPP +
Polyethylene, BOPP + BOPP, Polyester +
Meltised Polyester +Polyethylene, Polyester +
Aluminium Foil + Polyethylene, Polyester +
Cast Polypropylene (CPP) etc.
Available Form : Stand up pouch
Stand up pouch with spout (Cap)
Stand up pouch with spout (cap) and
Zip lock (Resealable lock)
Zip lock pouch (Resealable Pouch)
For various types of packaging in food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic industry, Detergent & Soap industry, Agriculture industry etc.
  • Maximum no. of Colours : 10
  • Material Combinations : Polyester

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