Med. Temp. Case

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streamline air curtain,
High efficient,
Energy saving
Advanced back discharge refrigeration system, even temperature distribution
Accurate automatic defrost control,
Stable performance
Options: night curtain, lighted shelving, price tag mounting, glass or mirror end panels

It is used to display and sell all kind of frozen foods, ice cream, the marine products and so on ,when achieve frozen function. It is used to display and sell all kinds of fresh meat , milk products, beverage and so on, when achieve refrigerated function. Three basic specifications: 2250mm (three doors),3000mm (four doors) 3750 (five doors), can be jointed together to suit your length requirements .

For this series product, the design of wide climate zone is used on the basis of the European and American style and according to
the characteristics of different regions. The structure of advanced cold wind divergence is used so that the refrigeration effect is more
even, the dead angle of refrigeration can be removed.
1.The new design is conducted according to the principle of man-machine engineering. This has really embodied the design concept
of " take human being as a basis".
2.The design for wide climate zone is used so that the use area is wider.
3.The low front design is used, so the effective display area is enlarged and the effect of food display is more prominent.
4. The running temperature range of the product is -21centi degree~ -18centi degree, effectively guarantees the quality of food .
5. Streamline design is used, so looks artistic, unique and luxurious.
6. The design of heating with electricity antifogging glass door is used, so that can be safe energy and reduce consumption. The design
of the glass door automatic open is used conveniently.
7. The multiple decks can be combined freely, Their angle can be adjusted, thus the display effect is increased within utmost limits.
8. Refrigerated upright cabinet has bigger volume than other frozen case under the small area condition, compared to common island
showcase, its occupied area is less 60%.
9.The low investments , only one time invest ,but get interest life-long , the running cost lowed ,can safe energy 50% .
10. The operation of the product is stable , the temperature is more even ,so the storage life of food is longer .
11. The most important point is that the more larger display area is supplied. The food is used to display under light so that incensed
people's purchase desire.
12. The electronic ballast is used to safe energy, the light do not glitter.

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