Automatic High Frequency Welding Machine

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1. It is suitable for inside page of photo album, inside page of namecard album, book grove, notebook packet and packing bag, also being fit for the 30% PVC soft rubber

2. Medical treatment products look as: Transfusion bags, blood bags, industrial products bags forming. PVC PET TPU boxes and bags making, album book making, and many other include PVC PET TUP and leather products welding and sealing pressure logo and blossom.

Model: HX-8000AT
Output power: 8000W
Input power: 12 KVA
Power voltage: 380v/AC 50 Hz
Oscillation frequency: 27.12Mhz
Working speed: 400-600pcs/hours
Rectifiler: Silicon Diode
Vibration tub: 7T69RB
Spark tub: NL5557
Gap of electrodes: 250MM
Max. Welding area: 2.4m (perimeteer)
Feeding width: 0-600MM(Max)

This machine with the automatic feeding system.
The cylinder feeding system make the travel become accurate and reduce material consumption
Feeding material, welding and cutting in one step, recycle material full automatically.
Remark: The machine picture just for reference, it can according the customer require.
.ID bag,PVC bag

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