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We can supply many kinds of Sealing Packing, Such as PTFE ( Teflon ) packing, Aramid Fiber (Kevlar Fiber) Packing, Carbonized Fiber Packing, Expanded Graphite Packing, Asbestos PTFE Packing ect.; We also can supply many kinds of Sealing Gasket, Such as Expanded graphite compressed sheet and Asbestos jointing sheet ect...The main products are as follows:

Main Sealing Packing:
1) PTFE packing
2) PTFE Packing with Lubricant
3) PTFE Packing with Graphite and Lubricant
4) PTFE+Aramid Fiber Packing
5) PTFE/graphite +Aramid Fiber Packing
6) Aramid Fiber (Kevlar Fiber) Packing
7) Carbonized Fiber Packing
8) Expanded Graphite Packing
9) Asbestos PTFE Packing
10) P203 braided asbestos square packing
11) P209 cotton grease square packing
12) Asbestos rubber square packing
13) Ramie fiber Packing with PEFE
14) Acrylic fiber packing with PTFE
15) Cotton fiber packing with PTFE
16) Fiberglass packing with PTFE

Main Sealing Gasket:
1) Expanded graphite sheet & roll
2) Expanded graphite compressed sheet
3) Asbestos rubber sheet (asbestos jointing sheet)
4) Non asbestos jointing sheet

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Main Products

Rubber sheets,PTFE products,Sealing packings &gaskes,fiberglass mesh