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Product ID: CTQ5/CSQ5/CIQ5

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Item No. : CTQ5
Desc. : Quick Vise (Welded Steel)
Spec. : Jaw Width 5”/ 7.5 kgs
Qty’ : 2 pcs
Meas. : 35.5*33*18.5cm/0.0217CBM
G..W. : 16 kgs
Item No. : CSQ5
Desc. : Quick Vise (Cast Steel)
Spec. : Jaw Width 5”/ 13.5 kgs
Qty’ : 1 pcs
Meas. : 42*20.5*22cm/0.0189CBM
G.W. : 14 kgs
Item No. : CIQ5
Desc. : Quick Vise (Cast Iron)
Spec. : Jaw Width 5”/ 15 kgs
Qty’ : 2 pcs
Meas. : 48*17*25cm/0.0204CBM
G.W. : 16 kgs
We own the invent patent in theory of "Quickly Adjust the Distance" and use this patent in the production of vise series.The Features as follows:Quick,Easy,Reliable,Durable,Labor saving,Cost saving,Multi-purpose.
  • EASY
    • easy to operate,user-friendly type.with only one handle.rotate counterclockwise to release,clockwise to clamp
    • V-shape steel is available for clamping tubes,full functions of traditional bench vises are available
    • the quickest in the takes only one second to clamp and release
    • made of quality steel to prolong the service life.better than those of forged iron vise
    • patent certificate issued by State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.C.No.200610050386.2 obtain German TUV's GS certification.all functions and characteristics of traditional bench vise are available.
    • with force equal to half of that required for common vises
    • Inspite of the fact that this vise is far better than traditional one in terms of performance and service life,our price is similar to that of traditional one,resulting in a higher performance/cose ratio.

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