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ZQXJ Series of Profiles Vacuum Heat Transfer Printing Machine-This device has been researched and self-developed by ourselves, which is an important model of vacuum heat transfer printing machinery, the application area: aluminum profiles, aluminum curtain wall panels and also can be applied to glass, ceramics, glass steel, special plastic and other non-metallic material work pieces which can withstand 180 centigrade high temperature and difficult to be cracked, of surface texture pattern to be transfer printed to the profile surfaces. It is easy to operate, high efficiency and high ratio of qualified products to be processed, and operating costs low. We have put three categories of this series of product into the market at present, i.e. Fully Automated Type, Standard Type and Economic Type with heating sources of either electric radiation, diesel oil, gas or firing coal, a total of 11 specifications.
  • Fully Automated & Integrated Type
    • This machine can be custom made according to customer requirements.

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