potato harvester

Product ID: 4U-83

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This product features a great performance of high efficiency, mainly used for harvesting rhizomatous crops like potatoes. It features high efficiency, low failure rate, smooth running without vibration, simple structure and long service life, etc., with no grass blocking or clod leakage during working. The anti-grass-winding function of the machine enables harvesting with seedlings without any blocking. Even in the farmland with more weeds, harvesting can still be carried on with this machine.The residual agricultural film can be extracted so as not to affect the next crop’s growth.
  • Supporting power(hp):
    • 20-35
  • Work depth(cm):
    • 20-30
  • Harvest width(cm):
    • 60-85
  • The drive shaft rotation(r/min):
    • 360

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