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REX series intelligent digital temperature controller adopts latest plane light touching operation and microcomputer intelligent control technology. With the rule of easy use and reliability, this series meter has large market flexibility, and the product is made according to international standard with multiple installing size.

This series intelligent digital temperature controller is a kind of economical meter with good cost performance, and it can replace general digital temperature controller, the meter owns multiple functions such as control meter combined by control, alarm and transmitter, and PID control function at the same time.

Main Technical Data:
1. Precision: 0.5 class
2. Data reservation time for power cut≥20 years
3. Ower consumption ≤3W
4. Work environment: Temp. 0-50 C, relative humidity ≤85%
5. Alarm mode: Full range set, may absolute value/ warp value
6. Contact capacity of relay output: AC220V, 3A
7. Solid state relay trigger signal: Voltage≥12V, current≥15mA
8. Silicon controlled trigger signal ≥100mA
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