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we are the best expert in making different kind cylinder such as ISO 6431 standard DNC(FESTO series),SU,SC,MB(SMC series),DNG and other kind series !We have the various kinds cylider ,diameter from 16mm to 320mm! All steps of the products are done by our own factory ,from mold making ,die casting parts to CNC maching and surface coating! Our price may not the lowest ,but our quality is very good ,we win the market by our good quality and reasonable price !
  • DNC pneumatic cylinder
    • DNC standard pneumatic cylinder with pull rod ,32;40;50;63;80;100;125
  • SC pneumatic cylinder
    • SC standard pneumatic cylinder without pull rod ,32;40;50;63;80;100
  • MB pneumatic cylinder
    • MB,MBD,MBJ series standard pneumatic cylinder .32;40;50;63;80;100;125
  • Free lubrication
    • Oily bearing is adopted so that the piston rod needn"t to be lubricated with oil.
  • Buffering
    • Besides fixed buffer,the cylinderterminal has adjustable buffer ,so that the cylinder enters into stably without impact during commutating!
  • A regulable cushion besides a fixed cushion is attached to the end of cylinder,so it is smoothth and shock-less when the motive direction is switched
    • High temperature resistance
      • Because of sealing material of high temperature resistance,the cylinder can work normally at 150℃(user can order it from us)
    • Magnetic property
      • The cylinder piston is equipped with a permanent that can trigger the magnetic switch of the cylinder to detect the moving position of cylinder

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