DD(T)SF Single-phase/Three phase Electronic Double-tarrif Energy Meter

Product ID: kwh meter

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Accuracy: Class 1. 0, Class 2. 0
Power Consumption: Less than 1. 5W/6VA
Rated Voltage (V): 3x100, 3x380, 3x57. 7/100, 3x220/380(extended voltage is available on request. )
Rated Current (A): 1. 5(6), 2(10), 5(25), 10(50), 20(100) (extended current is available on request)
Operating Temperature: From -20 degree C. TO +55 degree C
Relative Humidity: Less than 85%
Main Usages:

Used for timesharing active electric power measurement of 3-phase electricity user as enterprised, shopping centers, residential areas and top-grade domiciles. It is a one of the best products to be used to promote the management level at demand side, induct the users to optimize consumption style, improve service efficiency and electric sources collocation.

Main Characteristics:

1. High accuracy, import special metering chip; Hig accuracy, sensitivity and reliability, wide overload endurance, low power consumption, small volume and light in weight; Easy installation, convenient auto-control and function expanding.

2. Long service life. With SMTP technology and world famous, long-life components employed, its accuracy is not affected by frequency, temperature, voltage and higher order harmonics. Random installation location. No adjustment is needed if it leaves the factory as complete machine. Checkout period can be extended. The workload of Watt-hour Meter testing and checking-out of electric departments is considerably reduced. Obviously better reliability than its similar.

3. Low power-consumption: Its self power-consumption is lower than 1W, hence, when used in wide range, line loss can be reduced and power supply efficiency can be improved. Wide working voltage range ensures its operation stability.

4. Easy to combine with network. With modularized design and RS485 serial data interfaces, the user can easily extend its collective function by switch-in 16 line impulse collection station to make good use of local CAT net, GSM net, broadband net, public telephone net and radio or electric carrier wave network.

5. LED displays data.

Main Functions:

1. 3-phase timesharing electricity metering, 3 rates and 8 time-periods.

2. Automatic monthly settlement. Set a random date for meter reading and 12 months consumption data can be reserved.

3. Load curve recording. Set a representative day and power consumptions at each right hour from 0-24h can be recorded.

4. Functions of standard serial data and far infrared communication, presetting and meter reading. Comply with stipulations of DL/T645-1998 Multi-functional Watt-hour Meter Protocol.

5. When the power supply breaks down, the lithium battery serves as power supply in support to prevent data from losing. And automatically begin to operate when power in on.

6. Photoelectric impulse interface fixed at the stern and standard RS485 serial data interface facilitate error testing and data collecting

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