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1. Air cooling;
2. The arcuate tempered glass can be opened from the bottom for cleaning and ice cream adding;
3. Two lines of ice cream are refrigerated in equal temperature;
4. Excellent refrigeration system keeps the temperature between minus 16 centi degree and minus 22 centi degree;
5. Interior material is in stainless steel;
6. Sliding acryl or curtain for windows are available for your choices;
7. Lights shining from the holes in the front of the showcase, making the whole body comfortable;
8. The lighting labels see the elegance of the ice cream names;
9. Imported Compressor : Danfoss, Tecumseh and Aspera;
10. Defrosting: hot gas;
11. Demisting: air;
12. Double airflow,keeping the temperature on average;
13. Various colors are available.
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