GSM and GPS Vehicle Tracking Alarm

Product ID: CTD-118V

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CTD-118V is a GPS / GSM vehicle tracking system. It uses the latest SIRF III GPS module and Siemens GSM module. It is an idea design not only for GPS real time tracking, but also a complete GSM alarm controllable by user's mobile phone message as well as the RF transmitters. The use can control the system with mobile (arm, disarm, lock, unlock, start and stop the engine of car, listen in ,check status and speak to the car , cut off the power) in real time, the user also can check the position of system on PC, PDA and navigation and E-map with the message from system .
  • GSM cell phone carrier
    • GSM cell phone carrier
  • full-time guard
    • Full-Time guard your Vehicle with built-in GSM Module system. Will auto dial out ( with voice message & SMS) when alarm system be triggered. Low cost to upgrade with high technology.
  • many kinds of languages voice
    • Easy to use, different Friendly human languages voice instruction
  • engine start by telephone
    • Arm/disarm by mobile phone, telephone, and remote control
  • Remote sound monitoring, voice broadcasting, engine start/stop by telephone
    • Emergency help switch
      • 3 alarming phone numbers and 1 emergency help phone number
    • Anti-hijack
    • Emergency help switch
    • Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable

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