12 tracks stick bags granule packing machine

Product ID: DXD-6012KB

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Name: 12 Tracks Stick Sachet Granule Packing Machine

Model: DXD-6012KB

Bag style: Rear-center sealed,stick sachets

Bag size: L30-140mm Single lane film width:30-60mm

Capacity: 480bags/min

Control style: adopt advanced PLC controlling system and conveniente touch screen.

Pneumatic request:0.24cbm/min, 0.6Mpa

Voltge:A C380v 3 phases 50Hz

Power: 6.5Kw

Weight:G.W 850kg

Demension :L120 W240 H260 cm

Functions:this 12 Tracks Stick Sachets Granule Packing Machine,with high capacity and reliable quality,adopts advnced PLC system and conveniente touch screen,easy to operate and maintain,it can automatically make bags, weigh, fill, seal, cut, print codes etc. They can be used to pack all kinds of granules or grains, such as, coffee, sugar, salt, seasoning, pepper, desiccant powder,etc.
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