Auto-Number Counting and Packing Machine

Product ID: DXDS-100

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Name: Auto-number counting and packing machine
Model: DXDS-100
Object: nails, bolts, nuts, small electronic parts
Contain: 1-100pcs/bag
Counting style: sensor counts number
Bag style: rear sealed
Bag size: L50-120mm x W30-90mm
Capacity: 20-50 bags/min
Controlling style: PLC + pneumatic system
Body case: stainless steel
Power: 1.2kW
Power supply: AC 220V, single phase, 50Hz
G.W.: 600kg
Dimensions: L130 x W120 x H170cm

Function: this machine can automatically achieve making bags, count numbering, filling,
sealing and printing date codes.

This machine adopts the advanced PLC, and the precise sensor system, so the machinecan work stably and accurately. This machine can pack one to ten kinds of differenthardware parts into one bag. It can pack all kinds of small regular or irregular
hardware and plastic products, such as nails, nuts, bolts and electronics.

Inner packing:
Standard wood boxes
.counting and packing machine

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