sponge seat cushion testing machine

Product ID: WDW-10

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This machine is mainly applicable to test tensile, compression, bending and other mechanical property indexes for metallic, nonmetallic and composite materials.
Main technical specification:
1. Max. test force: 5KN/10KN
2. Resolution of test force: 0.01N
3.Min. reading of deformation: 0.01mm
4. Relative error of indicating value: with measuring range 2%-100%, ±1%
5. Repeatability of relative error of indicating value: ≤1%
6. Relative error of zero point of load: ±0.1%
7. Speed range: 0.05-500mm/min
8. Test space (H*W): 800*400mm
9. Loading method: electrically loading
10. Power supply (should be firmly grounded): ~220V±10%, 50Hz
11. Dimension of main machine: 650*500*1650mm
12. Weight: 150kg

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