wire mesh machine

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Function Characteristics:
This machine adopts electrical synchronous control technique, welding time and This operation is accurate, it has stable function, firm welded point, and without welded tracks. Not only welded speed is fast, but also it is easy to learn and use. cent-control welding are composed of numeral and integrated electric circuit. Step motor controls fallen weft, so it is even and accurate, the edge of mesh is regular; it is unnecessary to slice the side. Drawing mesh adopts the equipment with elastic tension link and fixing mesh, it is easy to regulate mesh hole, and mesh size is rather accurate
Use Of The Product:
Enclosure mesh and building roof mesh.
Building(reinforcing construction mesh, floor warming mesh ,seed-bed mesh andflower room mesh )
The Main Parameter
Wire Diameter:1.4-2.5mm
Welding Aperture:50*50-200*200mm
Width Of Mesh:1200MM
Number Of Warp:25
Welding Speed:45(times/minute)
Power supply:380V
power rating:400KVA
Overall Dimension:2.5*2.5*1.5(M)