wire mesh fencing machine

Product ID: DNW

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It adopts NC PLC programmer and microcomputer processor, and the input panel divided into two kinds: touch screen and button, making the machine more intelligent and reasonable. The best strongpoint of such control system is: various holes of different dimensions on the same mesh. Adjusting the diameter of the holes manually, you can just input the preconcerted dimension of the diameter, in order to avoid the waste of time.
Purpose:Rail (highroad, railway), fence, wire netting for buildings
Wire diameter ¢3-¢5(mm)
Welding Aperture 50*50-300*300(mm)
Breadth of welding 2000(mm)
Quantity of longitude(welding dot) 41
Power supply Ac380V 50Hz
Power rating 400KVA
Dimensions 6*3.2*1.8(M)
Speed of welding(times/minute) 30