showart DMX-200 192 DMX512 console

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*Total 192 channels, 12 scanners of 16 channels each

*30 banks of 8 programmable scenes

*16 slider for manual control of channels

*Midi control over banks, chases and blackout

*Record up to 6 programmable chases with fade time and speeds

*LED function and program display

*Built in microphone for music trigeriring

*Auto mode program controlled by speed and fade time sliders

*Midi control over banks, chases and blackout

*DMX polarity selector

*Power failure memory

*LED lamp connector

*Power input: DC 9-12V 300ma

*Audio input: By built-in microphone or line in 100mv-1vpp

*DMX input / output: 3 pin male/femal XRL

*Dimensions: 520 * 183 * 73mm

*Weight: 3kg
  • Control moving heads
  • program DMX512 show
  • Control stage light
  • CE

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DMX512 console, controller, moving heads, led light, stage light