Hermetic Rotary compressor for air conditioner;condensing unit

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We have QXR and QXC series Hermetic Rotary compressor applied in air-conditioner; HQXR,HQHR,HQXC,HQHC Condensing Uint and XB/HB DC Compressor for electric vehicle. The price is from $45/pcs to $82/pcs FOB NINNBO which depend on the compressor model and refrigeration capacity. Always packing with pallet, and deliver by ship. Normally we can arrange shipment within 40 days after we get deposit.
    • The products include QXR series compressor(R22) ,QXC series compressor(R407)
  • HQXL/D;HQHL/D Condensing Unit
    • Applied to commercial freezing cold-storage showcase, kitchen equipment, refrigeration storeroom, vehicle refrigeration equipment and other refrigeration equipments
  • XB/HB DC Compressor for electric-ve
    • We have developed Vertical and Horizontal Rotary compressor which mailny applied in electric-vehicle and ship AC-Conditioner, especially for electric vehicle.The direct current is 12V,24V,48V and 312V.
  • CCC
  • CE & TÜV
  • RoHS

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Hermetic Rotary compressor for air conditioner condensing unit