Automatic Bottle Rinser-Filler-Capper

Product ID: WFT Series

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Combined Rinser, Filler & Capper to save the production line space and raise the manufacturing efficiency.

Filling system for cold and hot filling of non-carbonated and carbonated beverages.

All parts of filler that contacting with product are made of high quality stainless steel to correspond to utmost hygienic requirements.

The complete system can be cleaned in a circuit (CIP) by applying CIP cups.

Clean room housing with high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA filters). - Option
  • Neck Handling System
    • Neck handling system, from the bottle infeed to the bottle discharge, is for processing varied shapes and types of plastic bottle. No format changing if bottle mouths are the same to satisfy every kind of unique bottle style.
  • Filling Valve
    • Bevelled filling type for reducing foam causing to ensure the highest level of filling quality.
  • Capping Head
    • Adjustable torque for controlling cap screwing force to reduce the wear of caps that can handle common types of plastic screw caps.
  • Rinsing Technology
    • Coupled with highly economical operation and added benefits.
  • CE Approval

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