Intellegent gsm home alarm system

Product ID: G10E

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Description and main fanction:
1.GSM alarm transmission, without connecting telephone lines and be not afraid of
cutting line.
2.Adapt wavecom double frequency GSM module.
3.11 guarding zones
1 wireless SOS alarm zone, 1 wireless fire alarm zone, 1 external power failure alarm zone, the other 6 wireless zones can be defined by user (Please note zone 05 and zone 06 can also be used as hardwire zones.)
4. Send SMS to 3 preset mobile phone numbers while alarming.
5. Auto-dial 3 preset phone numbers while alarming and monitor the alarm site.
6. The host automatically stores system status, while its power is off.
7. The system equips backup rechargeable battery .It can work while the external power
is off.
8. Program the alarm host by wireless keyboard, SMS or remote phone.
9. Modify name of wireless zones and inquire the status of alarm host by SMS demand.
10. Report the guarding zones by SMS or voice
11. With voice reminder while the alarm host is working.
12. Support dialogue and remote arm/disarm
13. Can connect with the alarm center through GSM network.
  • FCC&CE

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