wireless PIR sensor

Product ID: PH-WML

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Technical standar:
i. Optics standard

Visual angle: 60°

The largest coverage: 2*8m

Bracket adjustable angle: -45°to +45°(horizontal line)

Bracket adjustable angle: -45°to +45°(vertical line)
ii. Electricity standard

Power requirements: 45μA (while monitor)
Power requirements: 7~8mA (while sending)
Lifespan of battery: can use half year if send 20 times everyday
iii. Wireless sending standard
Working voltage: 9V to 12V
Frequency: 315MHz
Deviation of frequency: ±0.2MHz
Sending consumption: 10Mw
Temperature: -40℃ to +80℃

Address code, data code: According to installation that offered by host

iv. Environment standard

Working temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Keeping temperature: 20℃ to 60℃

Capacity of anti-interference(electromagnetic): If it is 1000MHz, more than 30V/m

v. Physics standard

Dimension: 110mm(Long)×65mm(Wide)×48mm(High)

Color: White
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