Sints Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd.
—— Leading China's Powder Metallurgical Manufacturer

Established in 1995, Sints Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd. is the leading Powder Metallurgical Product Manufacturer in China, Specializing in gears, bearings, bushings, sprockets and complex part which widely used in motor vehical, mobile phone, lock, hosuse-hold application, power tools, etc. Our product are widely distributed to Japan, U.S., India and Europe.

Sints Powder Metallurgy is located in Fusha Town of Zhongshan —— a beautiful city in South China which guarantees easy transportation and geographic position. Pressing Molding, the major manufacturing technique of Sints, is an advantage technology in producing complex shape parts with high efficiency. Compare with traditional technique, pressing molding shows higher efficiency and lower cost.

Gears, which are applied in widely manufacturing field, is the most typical product of Sints. They are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, industrial machines, gardening machine, house-hold application, office equipment, etc. Sints also provides another more advantage technique which named Metal Injection Molding. This new technology apply in making components such as lock and mobile phone structural parts with more complex shape than gears and bushings. Those metal injection molding product are also meet different need of customers.

Aiming at being a worldwide manufacturer of powder metallurgical product, Sints Powder Metallurgy focus on customers and their product. In the intense global competition, Sints also pays attention to the quality and insists the idea —— Quality Is Our Life.

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