TOP STOP MOTION / Yarn Tension Switch

Product ID: SJ-5 / SJ-6 series

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This is tension auto stop unit used for circular machines and can make the machine stop when the tension is too big or small. Its tension can be adjusted by a hand wheel.
SJ-5 series and SJ-6 series can be supplied with 12v and 24v. The major difference between them is that SJ-5 uses round touch needle to conduct electricity with sensitive touch, but SJ-6 doesn't use this kind of needle.
  • Clamp:3m/m x 25m/m ★ Pin contact
    • SJ-511(12V) / SJ-512(24V)
  • Clamp:3m/m x 25m/m★ Spring contact
    • SJ-611(12V) / SJ-612(24V)
  • Clamp:6m/m x 25m/m★ Spring contact
    • SJ-621(12V) / SJ-622(24V)
  • Clamp:10m/m x 20m/m★ Spring contact
    • SJ-631(12V) / SJ-632(24V)
  • Suitable for:
    • circular knitting machine
  • special function :
    • it has special function of two touch point:micro-unit、tension unit, make the knitting machine stop can be more sensitive when the yarn breaks.

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