BOTTOM STOP MOTION / Yarn Break Detector

Product ID: SJ-35 series

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Bottom Stop Motion is mainly used for circular knitting machines. This is suitable for various of fiber, i.e. cotton terylene & nylon and can make the machine stop when the yarn breaks. Two kinds of voltage 12v & 24v can be available for all types of bottom stop motion
  • Clamp:3m/m x 25m/m
    • SJ-3511 (12V) SJ-3512 (24V)
  • Clamp:6m/m x 25m/m
    • SJ-3521 (12V) SJ-3522 (24V)
  • Clamp:10m/m x 20m/m
    • SJ-3531 (12V) SJ-3532 (24V)
  • Clamp:5m/m x 11m/m
    • SJ-3541(12V)
  • Suitable for:
    • circular knitting machine

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