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We pleased to introduce as M/s SLG Agro & Co from Andhra Pradesh, India. We are the one of the leading manufacturers, Exporters of Agriculture and Citrus Products with excellent handling, collecting facilities in different parts India.

We manufacturing Cotton Products: Cotton Meal, Cotton DOC(De Oiled Cake), Cotton Seed Cake, Cotton Seed Meal, Cotton Lint & Cotton Seeds to different Countries, in accordance buyer’s requirements from Indian Origin.

Our Cotton Meal Specifications:
Protein : 37 to 40%
Fiber : 13 to 14%
Moisture : 8 to 11%
Sand & Silica : 0.24 to 0.5%

We can offer 18-22 tones in old gunny bags/HDPE bags, containing Cotton Meal (which can be stuffed in a 40' container)..

Apart from the domestic market, we do export from our logistic company to all over the world and we deliver promptly and with high quality products........!

If you need more details & Information please don't hesitate to contact us. You can send us Business email at
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  • Our Cotton Meal Specifications :
    • Our Cotton Meal Specifications :
  • Protein: 34 to 40%
  • Fiber:13 to 14%
  • Moisture:8 to 11%
  • Sand & Silica:0.24 to 0.5%

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