PVC foam board

Product ID: 2009-5

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thickness:1.8mm 2mm 2.5mm 2.8mm 3mm 4mm 4.5mm 4.8mm 5mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm


Waterproof; antisepsis; anti-flaming; sound insulation anti-moth; no toxic; acid resistant; alkali resistant; electricity insulated;
easy to wash and clean
Color:white,blue,red,green,yellow,grey,black ect.

Building Decoration:
Building outside wallboards, internal decorating plates, houses, offices,
partition boards of public buildings,commercial decorating shelves, dustless room boards and suspended ceilings

Screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, exhibition boards, and marking boards

Industrial Application:
Chemical industry antiseptic projects, hot formed parts,
refrigeratory boards, special freezing projects, environmental protection plates

Other Application:
Molding boards, sports apparatus, aquicultural materials, seashore dampproof equipment,waterproof materials, art design materials and various light partition boards