slitting,re-coiling and cut to length line

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The functions are as following:
1.Decoil, ,slitting,recoiling,leveling and cross-cutting the coil plate to the needed leveling plate.
2.This production line is suitable for various process of steel plates,aluminum plates,bronze plates,stainless steels,etc.
1.It consists of decoiling,material-guiding,slitting and pieces seperating,tension control,recoiling,levelling, length-gauging& cut to length, stacking etc.
2.The thickness is from 0.2mm-30mm,and the width is from 500-2500mm.
3.All kinds of metal coil can be slitted,pieces-seperating,recoiled to the needed size of strip steel,or to be levelled,length-gauged& cut to length. The size of the plate needed is four-edge-trimmed leveling plate or leveling plate.

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