Rotary Pleating Machine

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I. Application
This machine is used for pleating and forming the heavy-duty air filter element.

II. Machine Components
1.Auto paper de-coiler
2.Pre-slitting device
3.Pre-heating device
4.Auto counter
5.Water steam device
6.Rollers marking mechanism
7.Rollers and gear collecting device
8.Post-forming and conveyor device

III. Specifications:
1.Production capacity: 0-35m/min
2.Max width: 600mm
3.Min width: 30mm
4.Max pleating height: 50mm
5.Min pleating height: 20mm
6.Rollers sizes can be customized
7.Temperature control: 0-300 degree
8.Main power: 12Kw
9.Air pressure: 0.6MPa
10.Power supply: 380V/50Hz
11.Machine weight: 750kg
12.Machine size: 3600mm*1170mm*1200mm (L*W*H)

IV. Features
1.The pre-slitter uses pneumatic cutting round knife, which is adjusted simply and pressed evenly.
2.This machine equips the pre-heating and water steam device, to prevent the paper breaking when roller marking.
3.This machine equips the gear collecting system, so to accelerate the pleating speed and well pleat the paper.
4.The rolls can be made with bubbled type or the pleat-lock type, which is used to maintain the certain distance between two pleats.
5.This high automatic machine has the process of auto counting, pleating, pre-heating and forming.
.Rotary Pleating Machine

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