Color EPDM granule

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Colorful EPDM granule
Size: 0.5-1.5mm,1-2mm,1-3mm,1-4mm,2-4mm,2-3mm,etc.
Color: More than 30 colors
Performance: Anti-slip, high flexibility, durability, shock-proof products, high resilient, ageing resistance, ultraviolet resistance, water proof, abrasion resistance, Acid & Alkali resistant, etc. The product is capable of withstanding tear and decay. Easy installation and maintenance, Beautiful color maintained simply and be benefit for the environment.

Usage: playground areas, racetrack, artificial lawns, rubber pavers, athletic flooring, multi-sports areas tennis, pool surroundings, walkways playground areas, safety flooring, water-parks, manufacture of rubber tiles and roll goods etc.

Packing: 25kg bag ,600kg bag ,1MT bag,etc.
  • EPDM granule
    • Packing in the 25kgs bag