Wireless Skype phone WP05

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Wireless Bluetooth Skype phone Model: WP05
The Bluetooth Skype phone (Model: WP05) provides you more conveniences to make free call over the Internet from PC to PC or PC to telephone. There is a Bluetooth (class 1) phone. The bluetooth adapter (class 1 Dongle) simply plug into the USB port of your PC, The effective transmission range is 30m to 100m. in door, Maximum range 300 m out door. Download internet telephony software like Skype, and you can start making calls. The phone is fully compatible with Skype and can be used as audio device with QQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, MS NetMeeting, net2phone, babble and etc for voice communication.
  • Effective transmission range is 30m
    • Talk time 6 hrs typical
  • Standby time 120 hrs typical

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