screen printing machine for circle and ellipse objective

Product ID: TYL-3A

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Pneumatic Flat/Cylinder/ Curve Screen Printing Machine
Model: TYL-3A
Cylinder Printing Diameter: 120mm
Cylinder Printing Height: 250mm
Flat Printing Length: 300mm
Flat Printing Width: 250mm
Max. Printing Speed: 1500Pcs/Hour

1. The Machine is controlled by micro-computer which is stability and reliability, with a clear bright blue screen so that the machine is operated easily and maintained convenient.
2. International famous pneumatic units such as brands of SMC, Festo and so on which are selected for the machine, the speed can be adjusted independently.
3. The machine is designed for round, cone, arc and flat objects, it applies to plastic containers, glass containers, electronic components, metal objects etc.
4. The machine is convenient to select movable printing head for flat printing or screen frame for arc printing.
.multi-function screen printing

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