fully automatic single screen printing machine

Product ID: TYL-101&uv1

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Fully Automatic UV Screen Printing Machine
Model NO: TYL-101&UV1
Technology parameter:
◆ Printing Colors: 1
◆ Max. Printed Cylindrical Products diameter: ≤110mm
◆ Max. Printed Cylindrical Products Height : ≤300mm;
◆ Max. Printed flat Products diameter: ≤180mm
◆ Max. Printed flat Products height: ≤300mm
◆ Base Printing Speed: 3800pcs/hour
Product Feature:
1. Max Printing Speed: 5000pcs/hour according to appropriate products
2. PLC mould + Touch Screen
3. Full automatic Screen printing with TW-UV curing system which imported from UK
4. The machine can double-check if the printed products before curing so as to re-print .
5. Fitting Cosmetic vessels, Chemical and food vessels with Flat and Cylindrical, material shall be Ceramics, Glass, Plastic ,Metal.
6. Core/key parts have adopted these brand : NAIS/ AUTONICS/ Omron/ PRO-FACE IDEC/ SCHNEIDER/ SMC/ FESTO
.fully automatic and fsat printing

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