WSD-500 Seires Intelligent Indoor High Speed Dome Camera

Product ID: WSD500

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Camera specification
*The speed dome support different integrated camera module including SONY, LG, CNB, YOKO, HITACHI, SUMSUNG……
Powerful Pan/Tilt function:
*Max. 400°/sec high speed Pan/Tilt turning
*Adopted with vector driving technology, Pan/Tilt motions are accomplished in the shortest path. As a result, time to target is reduced dramatically and the video on the monitor is very natural to watch.
The lowest speed can touch 0.05°/S.
Preset, Pattern, Swing, Privacy mask, Group and more functions
*Up to 128 pieces preset point can be memorized. The additional information such as dwell time, alarm action, label …... can be set as demand.
*Up to 8 pieces point-to-point auto scan can be memorized. Support proportional shift between zoom and speed.
*Up to 4 patterns can be recorded and played back. It can record 500 operation commands.
*Up to 8 pieces GROUP can be stored, the function enables the camera to move repetitively with combination of Preset or Pattern or Swing. A group contained Max.20 presets, patterns or swings.
*Max.8 of Privacy masks can be located wherever it is required to protect private life. (Only Sony camera module support this function)
*Support Schedule function.
PTZ lens control
*Max. 1024 cameras can be controlled at the same time by RS-485 bus communication.
*Pelco-D, Pelco- P, VC, Sony, EVI protocol can be selected.
OSD Menu
* The situation of camera can be displayed on screen with OSD menu function. The detailed camera function also can be set with OSD menu.
*The information of camera series number, Pan/Tilt position, alarm in/out, preset all can be shown on screen or not with OSD menu setup;
Convenient installation and operation
*With built-in fan & heater and the weather-proof design, the product is very suitable for application in outdoor environment.

*The structure of dome camera meets the demand of IP66 standard.
*The design concept of high-speed dome and mounting based on convenient installation.
  • Swing, pattern, trace
    • Support 8 pieces swing, 8 pieces pattern, auto-learn trace function
  • Schedule, image frozen
    • Support schedule function, image frozen function
  • Privacy zone
    • Support privacy zone masking function
  • OSD
    • Password OSD menu protection function

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