WSR-700 Series Outdoor IR High Speed Dome Camera

Product ID: WSR700

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Camera Specifications:
AC24V input
The speed dome support different integrated camera module including SONY, SANYO
CCD Sensor: 1/4” CCD
Zoom: 18 times, 23times, 27 times, 30 times or 36 times optical zoom,
10 times, 12 times or 16 times digital zoom according to different product type.
High Speed Pan/Tilt Specifications:
The highest pan/tilt turning speed can up to 240°/S.
Vector driving movement technology makes the shortest moving trace of pan/tilt, so the time of pan/tilt movement is the shortest.
The image of monitor looks more natural.
With joystick control to get the slowest speed movement of pan/tilt, speed slow up to 0.05°/S.
Support preset point, trace, swing, auto scan, privacy masking, trace location…
Support up to 127 pieces preset point. The additional information of preset point include dwell time, alarm function, zone label... which can be set according to the demand from end user.
Support up to 8 groups auto scan, this function can make camera to move from point to point with needed speed.
Support up to 4 groups trace learning, every trace up to 200 pieces command record.
Support up to 8 groups patrol. This function can support camera to auto turn from multi-preset points. One patrol can support up to 8 pieces preset point, trace or swing.
Support up to 8 pieces privacy masking zone.
P/T/Z Control:
It can control up to 255 pieces P/T/Z camera through Rs485 bus. Pelco-D protocol or Pelco-P protocol is selectable.

OSD Screen Menu Function:
The P/T/Z camera’s working condition can be shown on screen, the P/T/Z setup can be done through OSD menu.
The camera series number, pan/tilt angel, alarm input/output, preset information all can be shown on screen as demanded.
Alarm Input/Output Function:
Support up to 8 pieces alarm input and 4 pieces relay output, support more selection as your demand.
If any alarm detectors be activated, the P/T/Z camera can turn to this preset point. At the same time, one signal be sent out from relay to turn on acousto-optic alarm equipment.
Easy Installation and Operation:
The product designs meet all demand for outdoor application, built-in heater and fan, Weather-proof design totally meets the National Ip66 standard.
  • IR illumination
    • 200m IR illumination. Within 100m the face of human can be identified
  • The IR lamp and camera zoom are united controlled. The more long distance to focus, the more IR lights work.
  • The IR illumination angle also be adjusted with zoom.
    • Camera module
      • Multi-camera module compatitable. Supply more selection to end-user
    • IR
      • IR lights and camera module be seperated into two spaces, no IR light reflection. To protect the image quality

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