ARM micro-controller based sbc 9302

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This is really complete computer with a powerful processor, lot of memory and several interfaces like USB host and device, Ethernet LAN interface, SD-Card, PC/104 and so on.

It is an economical and indigenous replacement for expensive “embedded computer boards”. Thanks to the PC/104 interface, you can directly connect almost any kind of PC/104 compatible I/O card. This combination gives you lot of processing power + I/O – hence it is perfect solution for Industrial Automation.

The board also provides lot of non-volatile storage options: you may connect a pen-drive to USB host interface. USB pen-drives are readily and cheaply available with ever growing capacities. Alternatively, you may connect very cheap SD memory card directly to the on-board SD-card interface.

The USB host interface can be also used for connecting keyboard and mouse. LCD can be as well connected with a small add-on module. With this, GUI based applications can be easily developed. Since the board supports Linux, you may use a development tool like QT to write GUI applications. Thus the board is suitable for GUI applications – for example Medical Instrumentation, Human Machine Interfaces and so on.

We also offer training course on Embedded Linux on ARM. This board is used for illustrations during this training course. The course will enable you to write Linux based applications that run on this board or other similar hardware.

SBC9302 (i.e. this board): provides more versatile interfaces, but only a few I/O pins, that too TTL (3.3V level) without optical isolation. But, thanks to PC/104 interface, provides more flexibility to expand. It is very easy and convenient to add PC/104 modules for I/O, for display interface (LCD or VGA monitor) and so on.

SBC1926: provides optically isolated I/O and 400K gates FPGA on board, but does not have PC/104 interface. Thus expansion possibilities are limited.

We also make general purpose Evaluation Boards based on ARM micro-controllers.

Here are the specifications of SBC9302 board: (Click here to download SBC9302 Users Manual) (Revision 1.2, updated on 25 March 2008, approximately 3.2MB)


ARM9 processor (EP9302) @ upto 200 MHz

On-board 8 MB Flash standard, optionally 16 MB.

32 MB SDRAM standard, optionally 64 MB.

2 UARTs with option for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 / 3.3V TTL (user selectable).

RJ45 Ethernet LAN interface.

Unique MAC ID is assigned to each board.

2 USB Host interface ports (can connect pen-drive, digicam, printer and many other peripherals…)

1 USB device interface port (can connect to PC)

PC/104 connector (can connect to almost any PC/104 compatible I/O card)

5 channel ADC. As per official EP9302 documentation, it has 12 bit resolution. But we (and many other developers) have observed that it really gives 16 bit resolution.

Upto 23 GPIO (3.3 Volts TTL)

SD-Card interface

RTC with battery-backup.

Standard 20 pin JTAG interface

Wall type power supply included.

One serial cable and one USB cable included.


Runs embedded Linux.

Users may write stand-alone or Linux based applications to run on this board.

CD contains sample programs.

Enough memory to run other OSs like WinCE.

BSP for Linux: includes new drivers added by SPJ (for example: ADC, touch-screen, external RTC with battery-backup…).


SBC9302 board with specs as above.

Power adaptor.

One serial cable.
CD with Linux based sample programs.

User’s manual.

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