Indoor suspended sports floor

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We are the biggest manufucturer of PP suspended interlocking sports floor in China !

The Main Material :

Recyclable Polypropylene(PP)

Wide range of application:

Be used for basketball, tennis, racquetball, weight training, aerobics, outdoor futsal, handball, volleyball, badminton and roller hockey.


Suspended modular surface

Interlocking flooring

Reducing shock, delivers excellent traction and ball response

Can be 100% recyclable, do not contain any toxic elements, do not have any smell

Water-resistant and UV-resistant

Have a long using life

easy to install

Virtully no maintenace


It can be installed directly over the concrete,asphalt or any other hard and flat surface, there are edgings for the finished courts, screws are needed, you should use the paper knife or circular saw to cut the tiles to make a perfect fit.
  • Recyclable
  • modular surface
  • UV-resistant and water resistant

Main Products

Suspended interlocking sports floor, Prefabricated rubber running trac