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Our mechanical rollers including heating roller, mirror surface roller, transmission roller, rubber roller and etc, are mainly export to western countries and Eastern Asia like Japan with high quality and nice outward appearance. Our products have a good reputation in the roller making area in China, and the lathe, milling, welding, plating and polishing processes are able to be completed in-house. Our rollers are widely used in the printing, plastics, electronics, textiles, pharmaceutics, tobacco, copper-aluminum, constructions, decoration, leather, packaging and other industries.

mirror surface roller
The roller can do mirror processing on surface of many materials. It is widely unsed in surface treatment of leather, artificial leather, paper, decoration material, non-ferrous metal, various of plastic materials like PVC, ABA, PP, PE, PT, PC and garment fabrics.
The cooling or heating temperature difference is no bigger than +/-2.5℃. The surface hardness is HRC62 after chrome-plated. The heating deformation is no more than 0.01mm.

heating roller
It's has an internal and external roller stucture with roller-leading oil in between. Heating pipes are scattered around evenly. It is used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, after-treatment, drying, shaping and compounding, etc. It has Various structures, including hollow, single-layer, double-layer and drilled.

rubber roller
Rubber rollers are applicable to a wide range of special purpose machines, resistant to acid and alkali, friction, heat as well as printing ink.
Applicable to machine's transmission, conveyance, extension and flattening.

Teflon is applied to the surface ot this rller, which makes other materials hard stick on the roller. It is used in sectors as plastic Tape and rubberized fabric.

A wide range of import raw materials for your selection.
The surface of roller can be processed into parabolic size according to customers' requirement.
The heating-resisting is up to 250°C.
Extended roller can be produced to meet any machine's specification.

traction roller transmission
For powering heavy-duty live-roller conveyors and related equipment, roller chain drives are the first choice of most materials handling professionals. If you're designing a new conveyor, modifying an existing one, or searching for longer intervals between component replacements, taking the time now to go through the drive selection process can save you money and avoid downtime later.

Description data
the length can be made as per customer's requirements.
characteristic: flexible with operation, high quality and low in price.
material: Galvanized Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, PVC
surface treatment: zinc plated, chromium plated, blackening, rubber casted
Pin form: spring loaded pin, cut & flat pin, female threading pin, cale threading pin, cotter pin, hexagon steel pin, hollow pin

We also supply plating roller, carbide coated roller, harden quench roller and etc.

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