Stainless Steel Tank

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1) Tank (Pressure Vessel) volume: 0.5-5000 cubic meters
2) Dimensions: Diameter and height according to the requirements
3) Material: Stainless Steel (304 or 316L)
4) Tank shell thickness; 2mm or more (according to the design or customer required)
5) Pressure (MPa): Atmospheric pressure-Middle pressure (According to the Chinese Design standard)
6) Function: Storage or fermentation tank
7) Design temperature C-degree: -5-80
8) Medium: Various drinks including wine, beer, fruit wine, fruit juice and so on
9) Tank surface: The original surface of the stainless steel plate (or polishing if required)
10) Operation plate form: We can design the plate form if required
11) Mixing; Top side or bottom mixing
12) General accessories (If required); Manhole, CIP, respirator, sight glass, mixing
13) Manufacture standard; Chinese Pressure Vessel Design and Making Standard
14) Guarantees inner quality and safety, good looking appearance and function by introducing international advanced large-sized equipment of pulse plasma arc welder and auto polishing machines and cooperating with international famous finished
.Stainless Steel Tank
  • ISO9000

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